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February's Buzz

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The links below do not necessarily reflect the ideas/beliefs of the DNNS. They are topics of interest to dietitians who work with the public and want to learn more via the latest Buzz.

Blogs- The latest news!

Great reasons to get busy with your seed planting at home!

National news

With Feb 1-7 being Eating Disorder Awareness month, this is a good article by Calgary dietitians.

We need to bring cooking back into our schools!

Excellent resource

Great resources here: presentations, strategies and webinars, to support more fruits and veggies for school students.

Science news

Check out all the latest buzz with Nutrigenomix, a Canadian company. This is one of many studies related to your genes and diet (this one looks at caffeine and sports performance).


Healthy chicken recipes from a dietitian's kitchen.

Great idea!

Go to your health professional for a fruit and veggie prescription?

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