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The links below do not necessarily reflect the ideas/beliefs of the DNNS. They are topics of interest to dietitians who work with the public and want to learn more via the latest Buzz.

Blogs - The latest news!

Local news

Researcher from Dalhousie in the news. Food Fraud in Canada. Great podcasts if you have time to check them out!

More at this site:

Hold the salt, always great podcasts from our MSVU Prof Jennifer Brady!

Ever try to omit all sugar from your diet? Here is a brief synopsis of a RD's journey!

National news

Way of the future? Mobile greenhouse showcases how easy it is to grow food in greenhouses (14 times more productive too).

Food fight: Health Canada, advertisers argue over protecting kids from junk food ads.

Science news

Interesting International study on the eating habits of nutrition students.

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