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The August update from Canada’s Food Guide focused on the additional challenges that Canadians have faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With summer drawing to a close, and kids heading back to school, it’s important for families to continue staying healthy during this time. This month, we’re sharing their tips to involve kids in planning and preparing healthy meals.

Read & Learn:

Check out twitter mention of Andre Picard’s 2014 article in Globe & Mail: Why Is Canada one of only countries that doesn't feed our kids a hot lunch in school?

And 6 years on, still, we are without a national school lunch program! Now, PEI has launched a healthy school lunch program, with a pay-what-you-can policy. Fantastic news!

PEI's new Healthy School Lunch Program is available to all students:

1) You can pay full amount of your child’s lunch max $5/day

2) You can pay an amount that you can afford to pay at that time

3) You can order lunch for your child if you are unable to pay at all

Keep telling your government representatives that we need this in Nova Scotia now!

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