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Back to school has been a success! We are so lucky to live in Nova Scotia when we see the different COVID story playing out throughout the rest of the country and beyond. And speaking of loving where we live, if you haven’t been on the Taste of NS website lately, check out their ‘Get Your Hands on Local’ initiative. They have many links to food ideas, events, fundraisers (did you order a ‘Nourish Your Roots’ produce pack yet?!), and I can’t wait to try one of the featured recipes ‘Heartwood Bowl with Peanut Sauce’ They even have suggested local vendors, and a grocery list ready to go! Easy, peasey!

There’s also a whole Thanksgiving section, with tasty looking recipes you can make with local ingredients!


And, back for it’s 10th time, (though somewhat different this year), it’s the Devour Food Film Festival 9.5 (to reflect the hybrid digital/in-person format and smaller groups), running from Oct.21st-25th. So many events to enjoy, tickets on sale now!

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