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If you have a blog, book, or online course that you would like to share with your fellow network members, please forward information to Coleen at:


Happy Nutrition Month! Only 3 weeks until spring!! This year’s theme is ‘Good For You! Dietitians Help You Find Your Healthy’ Dietitians of Canada’s website has loads of resources for you to plan a successful Nutrition Month.


Are you an ‘Anti-Diet Dietitian’? I am :-) Many of you are likely aware of Christy Harrison, MPH,RD,CED’s best-selling book ‘Anti-Diet’. If not, an introduction via her blog:


In keeping with the ‘Anti-Diet’ theme, mindful eating resources abound from the Center for Mindful Eating. They have regular webinars, including an upcoming one on

Mindful Meal Planning (April 26th).

Also a reminder, please help spread the word throughout NS, that we all need to remain vigilant, maintain small social bubbles, and take advantage of asymptomatic COVID testing at pop-up sites throughout the province. This may be especially helpful with the more contagious variants that are appearing across Canada.

Curated by Coleen Nolan, RD


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