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100% pure Nova Scotia Maple Syrup

The Sugar Moon (March full moon) brings the beginning of Spring in the Maritimes – and the maple syrup season! The new Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia website has comprehensive information about selecting the best syrup type for different recipes, lists of local maple producers in Nova Scotia, and information about the ongoing impact of climate change and extreme weather events on the production of this quintessentially Canadian food.


Approaching nourishment through a non-diet lens

It’s refreshing to see the trend in the “9 Best Nutrition Books of 2023” – less jumping to the next-best-superfood, and more emphasis on stepping away from diet idealism and into a more sustainable relationship with eating and self-nourishment. Gentle Nutrition: A Non-Diet Approach to Healthy Eating by Rachel Hartley, RDN, builds on the wonderful work this IE-certified American RD does on her website, emphasizing how intuitive eating can co-exist with medical nutrition therapy. Hartley’s blog The Joy of Eating is an excellent source of approachable articles to share with nutrition clients to start a discussion about what effective nutrition therapy support might look like without an intentional weight loss goal.


Online *FREE* Continuing Education

Looking for topics for team training events, discussion with interns, or adding a few more points for your Learning Log? These sites offer free online Continuing Education resources that are great jumping-off points for further research.

  • Today’s Dietitian Learning Library (Free CE) - features practical, to-the-point pre-recorded webinars on a variety of topics, from in-depth spotlights on specific foods (avocadoes, nuts) to current nutrition guidelines for specific populations (active seniors, plant-based eating).

  • Canadian Nutrition Society - features a variety of trainings and webinars for health professionals in various roles (long-term care, pediatrics, critical care) plus pre-recorded webinar content and a library of free nutrition infographics.

  • RD 2 RD - another extensive collection of free webinar content including clinical specialties (bariatrics, inpatient, sports), how-to guides for RD-led businesses, and introductions to HAES and other practice paradigms.

Curated by Meredith Lapp, RD

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